Solomon Page – Keith Middlebrook saved my house from Forclosure, 4 times!

Keith Middlebrook……

Praise be unto God!!! Keith is a good friend and such a blessing. I took a Hard hit from some bad investmenst and was about to loose my house at the trustee doorstep, a friend in the NFL said he new just the guy to help me and reffered Keith Middlebrook. In AMAZING real time Keith and his Power Team saved me and my family’s house from foreclosure… In less than 3 hours… and then Restructured my loan through the bank and cut the payments in half! I went from Bleek and Destitute to Peace of Mind and Incontrol! If you need something done fast and done right, Keith Middlebrook is the man indeed! He inspires when he speaks and can do things with Credit, Financials, and Legaly that no one else on the Planet can do!  Everyone else Scammed me and my family, Keith stepped in and actually did it!
Solomon Page
Retired NFL
San Diego Chargers
Dallas Cowboys
Solomon Page uses Keith Middlebrook to get is Finances back on track!
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