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I was introduced to Keith Middlebrook through my friends Martin Lawrence and Raven Simone 7 years ago, he expressed his unwavering support for me concerning issues I was being persecuted with in the media. I was and am grateful to this day.

Life happened.

Thank god for Keith Middlebrook – Barry Bonds, October 16 2012

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Keith Middlebrook and Barry Bonds.

Keith Middlebrok and Barry Bonds

Martin Lawrence and Corrina Middlebrook attend the College Road Trip Premiere in Hollywood.

Pictured above: Martin Lawrence and my daughter Corrina Middlebrook.

KEITH Middlebrook, Raven Simone.

Raven Simone and Keith Middlebrook attend the College Road Trip Premiere in Hollywood.

Pictured above; Keith Middlebrook and Raven Simone. She was telling me how excited she was to have had just moved in with a cool, upcoming Disney star named Lindsay Lohan. Raven had started a successful career in Producing and Lindsay a successful career in Acting and Modeling. She was telling  me they had just moved in together at Sierra Towers in Hollywood, she then asked if I had met a friend of the family, Barry Bonds. – Keith Middlebrook

KEITH middlebrook Pro Sports, Barry bonds.

The greatest power hitter in history, Barry Bonds.

Barry Bonds, arguably the greatest power hitter in history! Barry over the years has inspired me in the areas of Goal Setting, Training, Focus, Drive and Belief in your Dreams. On a deeper level, he is more of a champion than you could ever realize. – Keith Middlebrook October 16, 2012


Funny Barry Bonds Murrieta story:

When Barry Bonds lived in Murrieta

Aug 12 2010

I found this amusing anecdote in a biography called “Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero,” describing an incident in 1994 when Bonds lived in Bear Creek.

Looking to put in a quick workout, one day Bonds drove to Murrieta Valley High School, located 10 minutes from his home, and headed to the football field for some sprints. Soon a swarm of students were leaving the building to watch the superstar in the flesh. The administration did not take to this kindly. Doug Highlen, a Murrieta Valley High teacher, wrote an angry letter to Bonds and sent a copy to the local North County Times. “You parked your flashy car in a no-parking zone in front of the office [then] headed to the football field and proceeded to do windsprints,” Highlen wrote. “Mr. Bonds, the taxpayers of this community did not spend $38.5 million to build you a personal training facility.” School district officials spoke with Bonds and told him he was welcome to use the facilities — after school hours.


I currently live in the beautiful Bear Creek private community, in Murrieta California where Barry was raised.  Like the story above, there are classic Barry Bonds stories everywhere which eventually put the city on the map. Murrieta is a great family community and as a historical bonus beyond imagination it was blessed to have Barry Bonds be raised and live in it . – Keith Middlebrook


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