Dixon Edwards, “Keith Middlebrook saved me again!”

November 1, 2012

Keith Middlebrook is Mr. Amazing! He should be wearing a cape. I never would have thought that what he CAN DO, could be done. 

Recently to say these least do to the financial downturn in the economy not turning around as it was supposed to, I got into a “serious financial bind” and was about to lose everything. My attorney who was charging me $300.00 per hour, said there was nothing that could be done. I called Keith, he listened, then found a way, I borrowed from a family member. Keith rescued me from certain doom and did what everyone told me was impossible!
I was most surprised with the speed at which he was able to complete WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO it was even faster than last time and on an enormous scale.  
Even though I had used Keith before to delete my BK, I almost listened to those false complaints on repoffreport and scambook. Keith SHOWED ME THEIR CREDIT REPORTS FOR EVERY ONE OF THEM!, and showed me PROOF  OF HOW THEY DIDN’T LISTEN, REPEATED THEIR SAME MISTAKES, AND RUINED THEIR CREDIT AGAIN! AND THEN THEY WANTED KEITH TO FOR IT!  “TRUST” it sometimes a difficult word to use when describing someone and wiring $150,000.00 It was a tough decision but it is in perfect placement with him, and the value is Millions!
I was also amazed Keith had “no fear” but more importantly friends at the Financial Institutions including the IRS! I don’t know HOW he did it, but he got it done!
Not only my are my holidays and Christmas is going to be great, but now so is the quality of my life for me and my family!
BOOM!!! Keith Middlebrook is the BOMB! – Dixon Edwards, 3 Time Superbowl Champion, November 1, 2012
P.S. I was referred originally by Michael Irvin who met Keith at the ESPY Awards and then the Superbowl.
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