Tom Graham – Keith Middlebrook completely deleted 23 IRS tax Liens in less than 30 days!

Keith Middlebrook, INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE!!!!! In just 30 days he has completely DELETED 23 IRS tax liens from my credit profile. Keith Middlebrook has also developed lines of credit for me! Three months ago I couldn’t’ finance a home, car, not even a bicycle!! I had 23 IRS liens, Yes TWENTY THREE! My credit scores were hovering around the low 500 range. I tried multiple credit repair programs and secured credit cards with $500 credit limits with absolutely NO RESULTS!! All 23 IRS Tax Liens have now been completely DELETED! That is amazing in itself My credit scores are soaring in the 780 range closing in on 800. I have financed my new restaurant, my new race car, and now my new home valued at $1.2 million with EXCELLENT RATES. I have just received my Meryll Lynch Black Visa Card with a huge credit line. My mailbox is full of credit card and finance offers on a daily basis. I have just been apporved for financing on my 41′ Sea Ray Express boat. It’s truly amazing how my life has endless opportunity. This has made all my real estate acquisitions  a complete breeze. Thank you Keith for doing everything that you said you would do and more. I would recommend your service to ANYONE!

James Thomas Graham


James Thomas Graham signing autographs for fans.


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