keith Middlebrook and Jose Canseco, Mixed Martial Arts

Jose Canseco currently holds 3 different Black Belts: Karate, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai and has no fear of anyone in the MMA ring, (or anywhere else for that matter). Additionally at a lean 255 lbs. is both very powerful and very fast and trains daily. – Keith Middlebrook October 18, 2012

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Jose canseco and Keith Middlebrook in Las Vegas.

Pictured above: MMA fighter Jose Canseco and Keith Middlebrook in Las Vegas. (Jose is wearing my glasses) We were making plans and talking about ideas for creating the next “Hit Reality show”.

*Jose’s MMA matches are for Charity, Fun and Money, but Jose Canseco proved the world with over 800 Professional League Home Runs on Regulation Qualifying Fields throughout the World.

*Jose was not only the fastest power hitter ever but also hit the ball at lengths out of the stadium many people had never seen before or since. – Keith Middlebrook

Historical fact: Team mates testify Jose Canseco being a true Champion, out of sheer Athleticism and Passion for the Game, Jose Broke most records unaware of fact that he had just broken a record and many times had to be informed latter that he had just broke the all-time record in a certain category. – Keith Middlebrook

Fun Fact: I told Jose in Las Vegas when we were at dinner at Encore with World Poker Champion Daniel Negranu and 3 other World Champions (yes Jose is an accomplished poker player), he tweets from the heart, holds nothing back and is the best ever on twitter because he will tweet things sometimes most people only think about but are afraid to say. – Keith Middlebrook

In my opinion, after all my conversations and time spent with him, Jose Canseco’s (from Cuban Immigrant rise, to beyond the American Dream) Life story would be an unbelievable, true life, fascinating tale that would read like “Scarface meets Baseball”. Hollywood doesn’t have an imagination good enough to dream up stuff this good. – Keith Middlebrook

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