Floyd Mayweather, 48-0, Keith Middlebrook, Keith Middlebrook Pro Sports.

The Real Iron Man, Super Icon Entrepreneur, Keith Middlebrook and The Champion 48-0 Floyd Mayweather at the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles California.

More to come on the MayPac Numbers. I was the First one to let the World know Floyd Mayweather HIMSELF will make over $200,000,000.00 Now I will be the first one to tell the World again with: Salary, PayPer View, Foreign Receipts, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, closed circuit, endorsements  he will make OVER  $280,000,000.00 GROSS HIMSELF.

I will never forget how he told me Keith, “Manny Pacquiao is NOT Even a Contender in my league” and he meant it.

More to come on the NEXT fight.

Keith Middelbrook

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Floyd Mayweatherand Keith Middlebrook at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Los Angeles California.

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