Ray Ethridge – Keith MIddlebrook is a “Miracle Man”

To whom it may concern:

Please accept this letter as my personal and professional endorsement of


I came to Keith with tax liens, collections, charge offs, late payments, and a Reposession and he told me sit back and watch the Magic and in 5 days I had a totally clean report. I was ripped off and scammed by everyone else, A lot of people say they can get it done but always fail to show the results but Keith is the real deal! I was referred to Keith by some other players. 

I almost listened to the few negative people on ripoff report and scambook, (I was wondering why they don’t give their names and they hide, if they were telling the truth they would give their real names) but Keith MET WITH ME AND SHOWED ME THEIR CREDIT REPORTS FOR EVERY ONE OF THEM!, “Mike” “Christian” “Henry Crockett” etc.,  ALL of them! He showed me PROOF  OF HOW THEY DIDN’T LISTEN, REPEATED THEIR SAME MISTAKES!, AND HOW THEY RUINED THEIR CREDIT AGAIN! AND WANTED KEITH TO PAY FOR IT! and now I know they are ALL flat out lying! Thank god I did NOT listen to them!

As it turns out Keith has been doing incredible work for the last 16 years for those who listen and do EXACTLY as he says, and for those who PAY for the services received MILLIONS in benefit!

Keith also showed me how to organized under LLC ‘s so I don’t get into the same predicament ever again!

Thank you Keith for helping me, you have completely saved and changed my life! Now I can get back on track with my finances and start living the dream.  

My first Bentley is ordered and on the way!               



                                                                                             Raymond Ethridge 

I commit to all and whom ever 2013 will be the beginning of the most powerful “Financially” chapter of Ray”s  life with his perfect credit, and now LLC Financing and organizing. – Keith Middlebrook

I was referred to Ray Ethridge through NFL Champion Ray Lewis, San Diego legend Welby Boles and his brother Eugene…….more to come.


Keith Middlebrook Enterprise LC


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