Reggie Bush, LLoyd Lake, Micheal Micheals aka “Chief”, and Keith Middlebrook. Back in the Day…….

Back in the Day………………..

When I first started deleting negative items on credit reports at “warp speed” and “sky rocketing” credit scores for 2 kind gentleman named Lloyd Lakes and Michael Michaels aka “Chief”. I was never told the real reason for the “extremely valuable importance” of my financial services, until later……

When I first met Lloyd and Chief, their credit was “so destroyed they could not fund a loaf of bread, they were turned down for everything”. Then shortly there after, after I had cleaned their credit reports to “Pristine Perfect”, I was funding High end Real Estate, Expensive Exotic Cars, Expensive Jewelry, approving Platinum Credit Cards, Las Vegas excursions, Bank loans, etc. to the tune of millions………………

“They” would bare witness to the “true power of my work”, “live in action”, “0-60” in all its glory. Because without me, none of it was possible do to the state of their poor credit they would have had nothing to woo their player with to start their sports agency.

My “meetings” with Lloyd and Chief were like a modern day version of “Goodfellas” in nature, held in shopping center parking lots in La Mesa and El Cajon California. They paid me a downpayment of  $50,000 in $10,000 dollar cash increments each time in a brown paper sack with a promise to pay balance of  $250,000 when they signed a certain player who was going to receive the largest signing bonus in NFL history at the time of $30,000,000. Martn Scorsese himself could not have written a better story. – Keith Middlebrook

My business is on a “referral base only” and this story eventually leads me to Robert Kardashian, OJ Simpson, Kendra Wilkninson, Marcus Allen, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Tyson, Suge Knight, Hugh Heffner, the Playboy Mansion, Kato Kaelin, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Lil’ Wayne, and much much more………………..

Do to the legal “Statute of Limitations” I could not tell this amazing true story ’till now.

-Keith Middlebrook

More to come ………………………….

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Keith Middlebrook and Kim Kardashian backstage Jimmy Kimmell Live.

Kim Kardashian and Keith Middlebrook backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel show

Keith Middlebrook Enterprise LLC

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