Tom Brady is a Donald Trump Supporter.

Tom Brady is a MAGA Donald Trump friend, fan and Supporter. – Keith Middlebrook

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In my 27 years of Pro Sports I can tell you Now more than ever my friend @TomBrady is a bigger friend, fan and supporter of @realdonaldtrump than ever as he witnesses Joe Biden destroy the Greatest Country ever built by Trump. Tom doesn’t want schools indoctrinating his kids or anyone else’s by turning them “Transgender” and ruining there lives because they chose to not work on personal Goals for natural self worth and self esteem.
Tom has witnessed first hand Biden policies and Fauci destroy the country and cause massive devastation to people around the world.
* Notice you will never find one photo of Tom wearing a mask (face diaper) promoted by clueless idiots, choking his respiratory system on his own lethal carbon dioxide or believing any Misleading Lies coming out of the mainstream Media, Left wing big tech, and the most corrupt Liars of all, the Biden Administration.
Tom was & is 100% MAGA as he sees Biden destroy America First Hand.
* Both Tom & Donald have moved to Florida.
I know them both very well and I can tell you Tom & Donald talk regularly. Tom wants absolutely nothing to do with Biden. There I said it, the Real Truth. – Keith Middlebrook

* Note: The Greatest Athletes in all of Sports are Trump Fans and Supporters

MAGA Tom Brady,

Tom Brady MAGA,

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