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When I sat with Floyd at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas at 2:30 in the morning I Said Floyd: “Command, Demand and Stand to Fight Manny Pacquiao for $200,000,0000.00 with a 60/40 SPLIT, YOU will get it if you hold out long enough!”. He said “Keith your CRAZY” I get $32,000,000.00 salary per fight and Manny is not even a contender I will beat him so badly its not even a contest”. I responded “Floyd you are going to make $120,000,000.00 for 1 fight! AND RECEIVE  the Highest Pay Per View Check in History! Do the Fight because the world has waited 7 years to see it and it will also bring the ENTIRE ASIAN Market of Philippines, Vietnam, China, Japan, Singapore Thailand ETC.!” The Next morning I spoke with Manny Pacquiao’s Manager! – 

I KeithMiddlebrook Set Up the Biggest PAYDAY Fight in HISTORY!


#KeithMiddlebrook, #FloydMayweather, #MannyPacquiao, #FightoftheCentury,

Keith Middlebrook and Floyd Mayweather after our 2nd meeting about the Manny Pacquiao fight.

#KeithMiddlebrook, #FloydMayweather, #MannyPacquiao, #FightoftheCentury,

#KeithMiddlebrook, #FloydMayweather, #MannyPacquiao, #FightoftheCentury,

Keith Middlebrook and Floyd Mayweather.

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